Live Radio Stream

Podcasts are great and we are happy to provide an archive of our show here for your listening convenience. Part of the fun and magic of radio, though, is that it happens live, in the studio, and is broadcast over the air. And streamed over the internet. Be part of the magic by tuning in live on 88.3FM in Cincinnati where we broadcast at 4,000 Watts and on the internet at the WAIF UStream:

The show airs every Thursday night from Ten PM to Midnight, the Witching Hour, Eastern Standard Time. For those of you living in other Time Zone Tribes we’ve provided a handy list below for you so you can see when to tune into the stream in your neck of the woods.

Eastern Standard Time: 10PM to Midnight
Central Time: 9PM to 11PM
Mountain Time: 8PM to 10PM
Pacific Time: 7PM to 9PM
Alaska Time: 6PM to 8PM
Hawaii Time: 4PM to 6PM

///Rest of the World///

Follow this link to find out when to listen in your little corner of the world.

And of course you can always listen to the other shows on WAIF, Cincinnati, What Radio Is Meant To Be, anytime of the day.



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