Beyond the Peak of Normal

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Tonight’s episode of On the Way to the Peak of Normal is the second to last broadcast of the radio program. Tune in tonight on 88.3 FM, WAIF, Cincinnati. January 23rd, 10PM to Midnight.

The final episode will be broadcast on January 30th, 2013.

There are natural lifespans for any creative project or endeavor, and after 15 years of hyper Radio Activity, I’m moving Beyond the Peak of Normal, to focus with more devotion on my other artistic passions in the areas of writing, literature and publishing.

I didn’t reach this decision overnight, and there has been a good deal of heartwrenching and soulsearching over the question of “do I continue to dedicate my time and energy resources to the medium of radio?” It’s a medium I love, but I have reached the peak of what I can do with it and what it can do for me and the community without putting further efforts and resources into the show. Those are the resources and efforts which I have to put into other areas of my life. For so long I thought I could do it all. Now I’ve reached a point where both my writing path and my radio path will stay on about the same level as each other unless I divert one stream into the other. It is written in the Gospel of Thomas that ““If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” I have brought forth many things on the air that I was compelled to do. I have been equally compelled in the area of the written word, but those words have not have had the energy to move out of me. Now they will.

I feel the Fates were at work in forcing my hand. I’ve been thinking about ending the show since around September of 2013. A number of synchronicities occurred which caused me to pause and reflect. To start with, I ran into someone whose radio work I highly respect unexpectedly at a place I never see him and he told me of his own decision to leave the station. I had been thinking of that myself as I left work towards the bust stop only to find him walking with his daughter and offer me a ride. Then, I ordered a La Monte Young CD through interlibrary loan to play on the show. The double disc album, arrived and when I popped the first disc out it snapped in half. This ended up costing me 120 dollars as the library who owned it would not waive their damage fee. This was followed by the crashing of my computer (hence the lack of podcasts since December, and an issue I’m still working) and the losing of 1000+ songs. Sure, tough shit. Stuff like this happens. But I took them as signs that it was time for me to move on.

After I rest and recuperate from my 15 odd years doing of shows like the Psychedelicatessin -my fist show on the pirate station Anti-Watt at Antioch (1999), and Art Damage (2001-2003 were my years on the show) and On the Way to the Peak of Normal (2004-January 2014) I may go back and digitize some of the tapes and upload some of those early shows before I started podcasting to, which I will still keep up. But I do need a break from the rigors of podcasting for a time.

Until then I’d like to thank everyone who has stood by me on the journey. First to all the listeners without whom no show would be worth doing, and to all my guests who kept things interesting when I didn’t have a direction or something to say, and to the bands and musicians who people who came in to play live over the airwaves. You are to numerous to name. In particular I want to thank the following people who shared or contributed in some way to my radio journey: Ben Hoffman, Jesse Dew, Uncle Dan, Douglas Cannon, Ron Orovitz, Jeremy Lesniak, Andrew Hissett, Craig Kelley, Joe Walkenhorst, Brian “Thriftstore Leather” Riley, Elliott “the Turnip ” Beal, my parents and family, and my wife Audriel.

If you can’t tune in live, as soon as my primary computer is back in complete working order, I will be podcasting the final shows I did from December and January.

Thanks for tuning in.

Justin Patrick

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