ThanXGiving with Justin & Audrey

My dear wife Audriel joined me on the radio after a big Thanksgiving feast.

1. I Hear  a New World – Joe Meek
2. By This River -Brian Eno- from Before and After Science
3. fur Hildegard von Bingen -Davendra Banhart- from Mala
4. Cinnabar -ISAN- from Plans Drawn In Pencil
5. Saltskin -Purity Ring- from Shrines
6. Angel -Gultskra Artikler-from Galaktika
7. The More It Changes -Legendary Pink Dots- from The Golden Age
8. Sunshine -Smoke Fairies- from Ghost
9. Little Girl (In The Pines) -Tiny Tim- from Lost & Found 1963-1974
10. Last Dance -Mekons- from Heaven & Hell
11. North Star Ordination – The Appleseed Cast- from Illumination Ritual
12.  If I Am -My Bloody Valentine- from m b v
13. here she comes -Slow Dive- from Soulvaki Station
14. K56 -Cranes- from Particles & Waves
15. I Wear Your Ring -Cocteau Twins- from Heaven or Las Vegas
16. Love Letter -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- from No More Shall We Part
17. Everything Is Broken -Bob Dylan -from Blues
18. Long Black Veil -Johnny Cash- from Unearthed
19. The Shepherd of the Downs -Peter Bellamy- from Both Sides Then
20. In This Heart -Sinead O’Connor- from Universal Mother
21. Wild Is The Wind -Nina Simone
22. Winter Is Blue -Vashti Bunyan- from Anthems In Eden
23. Counting Up Your Bones -Nina Nastasia- from On Leaving
24.  Over the Hills and Far Away -Shirley Collins- from The Power of the True Love Knot
25. Sattelite of Love -Lou Reed- from Live
26. Fistful of Love -Antony & The Johnsons -from I Am A Bird Now
27. Talk Normal -Laurie Anderson- from Home of the Brave

Category(s): On the Way to the Peak of Normal

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