Waters of the West Gate

Part IV in a series exploring the IV classical elements.

Water: West : Autumn : Dusk

2. Suka Mereen (Comb in the Sea) -The Karelian Folk Music Ensemble- from Ingrian Folk Songs
3. Jag ar en skargardsflicka -Lena Larsson, Gullo, Ytterby, Bohuslan- from Sjomansvisor & Rallarvisor (Songs of Sailors & Navies)
4.  Dark Waters -Ingram Marshall- from Dark Waters
5. Oh How The Boat Drifts -Mum- from Summer Make Good
6. Wave -Patti Smith Group- from Wave
7. River With No Willows -John Luther Adams- from Earth and the Great Weather: A Sonic Geography of the Arctic
8. The Fury of Rainstorms -Eric Chaslow- from Over the Edge
9. Still Raining, Still Dreaming -Arthur Levering- from Still Raining, Still Dreaming : Dinosaur Annex Ensemble
10. I Hear the Water Dreaming -Toru Takemitsu- from A String Around Autumn : Sharon Bezaly flute, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Tadaaki Otaka, conductor.
11. The Sea Priestess -Coil- from Astral Disasters
12. Water on the Hill -The Magic Carpathians Project- from Euscorpius Carpathicus
13 Just as the Tide Was a Flowing -Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band -from No Roses
14. Sound Carvings from the Waters Edge -Piers Hellawell- from Sound Carvings

Background Music for this episode came from Salt Marie Celeste by Nurse With Wound.

Category(s): On the Way to the Peak of Normal
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