Hallow’een Ascending

My dear wife Audrey joined me in the studio alongside, Douglas and our friends Max and Sasha after handing out candy to trick or treaters. We proceeded to tell some stories around the transmitter.

1. I Hear A New World -Joe Meek
2. The Girl In The Bloody Dress -King Diamond- from Give Me Your Soul Please
3. Black Sabbath -Black Sabbath- from Black Sabbath
4. Mansfield Prison Story -read by Douglas Cannon
5. Ixaxaar -Lustmord- from The Monstrous Soul
6. Family Tree -BoonDox- from South of Hell
7.  The Werewolves of Detroit by Charles M. Skinner -read by Max Kruger
8. Teenage Brain Surgeon -Spike Jones In Stereo- from A Spooktacular In Screaming Sound
9. The Munsters Theme (with Lyrics) -from At Home With the Munsters
10. Horror House -Psychic TV- from Towards the Infinite Beat
11.  The Crime of the Black Swamp by Charles M. Skinner-read by Audrey Cobb
12. Habits Cafe -read by Douglas Cannon
13. Storm Walker w/ sound effects -Roberta Simpson Brown
14. Hellsville & Helloween -Legendary Pink Dots – from The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse
15. Twa Corbies - sing-say version by Justin Patrick Moore
16. A Letter from Prison to His Wife -The Marquis De Sade- read by Patrick Magee
17. Zomby Woof -Frank Zappa- from Overnite Sensation
18. Twa Corbies -Steeleye Span
19. track 16 from Face the Wound -Z’ev
20. The Nain Rouge by Charles M. Skinner -read by Justin Patrick Moore
21. Dead Mans Curve -read by Douglas Cannon

Severe weather alerts broke into the transmission -but these were edited out of the podcast version as they overrode the soundboard and recording set up. Originally broadcast on October 31st, 2013.

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