Approaching Samhain

Getting into the spirits of Hallow’een.
2. Haunted America -Jerome Kitzke- performed by Present Music- from Haunted America
3. Memorial Cairns -Piers Hellawell- from Sound Carvings
4. Angelystor (excerpt) -Phil Legard
5. Aetheric Vehicle -Matmos- from The Marriage of True Minds
6. Baba Yaga (Hut on Fowls Legs) -Moussorgsky / Tomita- from Pictures At An Exhibition
7.  Face the Wound (part 18 & 19) -Z’ev- from Face the Wound
8. We’ll Witness the Resurrection of Dead Butterflies (Three Moons) -Cyclobe- from Wounded Galaxies Tap At the Window
9.  The Bishop and the Pagan -Veljo Tormis- Estonian Philharmonic Chor, Paull Hillier director, -from Baltic Runes
10. Far Off Ships That Sail Upon The Sea -Blacklight Braille- from Sailing Away
11. Black Rain -Chivalrous Dogs- from Dark Deities
12. Go Long -Joanna Newsom- from Have One On Me

Category(s): On the Way to the Peak of Normal

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