Abraxas and the Occult Humanitarians

On the evening of October 10, 2013 I was joined by artist and alchemical mystic Ken Henson in the studio and at the crossroads halfway through show curatorial Witch, Pam Grossmanjoined us over the wires.

During the first hour Ken and I talked about his alchemical research as the current Curtis G. Lloyd fellow at the Lloyd Library where he is working on a new treatise titled Alchemy and Astral Projection: Ecstatic Trance in the Hermetic Tradition. We also dug into his work with the Philosophical Research Society in reissuing the Manly P. Hall and Augustus J. Knapp Tarot deck, alongside other Cincinnati occult curiosities. Ken’s investigation of the Hall/Knapp tarot is the subject of an article forthcoming in issue 5 of Abraxas: International Journal of Esoteric Studies.

In the second hour Pam joined us for a wide ranging discussion on the role of occultism in the humanities, a subject dear to her heart as one of the organizers of the Occult Humanities Conference taking place at New York University on the weekend of October 19, 2013. Pam is also Associate Editor of Abraxas, and a co-founder of the Brooklyn arts and lecture space, Obersvatory. With my own article, The Library Angel & Her Oracle, now out in issue number 4 of Abraxas, I asked her to tell us about what goes on behind the scenes in putting these awesome tomes out into the world. You’ll have to listen to find out her other dirty little secrets.

The three of us also gush about esoteric art, the number 13, astral projection, and the films of David Lynch.  It was a true honor to have such wonderful guests on the airwaves!

Bibliomancy -S. Alexander Reed (Interview on On the way to the Peak of Normal)
Geronimo- Language of Shapes- from For Tom Carter (an awesome 99 song benefit album)
Group Improvisation 1 from Reindeer Luck concert, 28.02.2013, Krakow, Poland -The Magic Carpathians & Tundra- from Reindeer Luck

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