Earth Blood : John Michael Greer

In this interview John Michael Greer discusses his recent books Blood of the Earth out from Scarlet Imprint, and The Mystery Teachings of the Living Earth from Red Wheel/Weiser.We also talk about how the practice of magic can help people prepare themselves for the long emergency of energy descent and the collapse of the U.S. empire alongside the larger collapse of industrial culture. We also discuss the Seven laws of spiritual ecology Greer elucidates in Mystery Teachings, these being modeled off the Seven laws of The Kybalion and other such teachings, but with a focus on ecology.

After the New Age concept of the “Law of Attraction” (or “Distraction” as JMG likes to call it), is thoroughly flayed, I rebroadcast my earlier cynical and skeptical audio collage on “The Secret”.

The Mystery Teachings book offers good antidotes to all that.


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  1. Dude, 250+ MB for an audio file is too large, resource-depleting and unsustainable (OK, that last is going overboard). Please use one of the many software programs to compress your files please. Some of us don’t have broadband, and I would have my net access cut off (for today) for downloading such a larghe file.

    Thanks for your time and the interview, which I’m eager to hear.


    • Luke,

      Alright. I’ll look into some compression software, when I get a chance. I’m a busy Dude. My shows are two hours long and part of the size of the file is because of the length. Since I also play music on the show, I want it to be of a good quality, so I’ve generally not compressed. It’s already been compressed once from a .wav to an mp3.

      Thanks for the tip, and I hope you get a chance to listen.


    David Trethewey says:

    I regularly download Radyo an Gernewegva podcasts, which come in at about 30MB for a 1/2 hour podcast. The simple way to reduce the file size is to reduce the mp3 bit rate.

    This link says that for speech, you can get away with 64kbps:

    • I found a compression program I will begin to use on my future podcasts.
      Thanks David for the link and to Luke for bringing up the issue – while I had heard of compressing mp3s of course, I hadn’t thought of the practical need to do this for my website.

  2. This audio file is “mississippi queen,” not an interview.

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