Silver Star Radio: Eight: Taylor Ellwood

Silver Solstice // Winter Star Radio
Originally Broadcast on December 22, 2011 between 10PM and Midnight EST on 88.3 FM, Cincinnati.

For this episode of Silver Star Radio I was joined on the phone by Taylor Ellwood to talk about his forthcoming book Magical Identity.

Taylor Ellwood is the Managing Non-Fiction Editor of Immanion Press, which publishes cutting edge esoteric and occult books. He’s also the author of Pop Culture Magick, Space/Time Magic, Inner Alchemy and Multi-Media Magic, and Magical Identity. Visit him online at

Magical Identity is Taylor’s latest book. Magical Identity explores the role of identity within magical work, using themes of neuroscience, space, time, and definitions to understand where identity fits into the magical process as well as how we can use it to enhance our magical process.

We also featured a lot of musick from fabulous artists on this episode. Here is the full set list:
1. I Hear A New World – Joe Meek
2. Winter Solstice – Ralph Towener- from the album Solstice.
3. Saturn – Jah Wobbles Invaders of the Heart- from The Celtic Poets.
4. Phone Interview with Taylor
5. Chemical Adjustment – Babalith- from The Doors of Misconception
6. Scorpion Tears – Stone Breath- from The Aetheric Lamp split 12″ with Mike Seed and the Language of Light on Anticlock Records.
7. The Final Solstice – Sorrow – from The Final Solstice II
8. Rough Old Night – Mike Seed and the Language of Light- from The Aetheric Lamp split 12″ (see 5 above).
9. Geronimo – Language of Shapes – (no official release as of yet)
10. Babaziryelle – The Hermaphroditic ChAOrder of the Silver Dusk -from 156 = Musick = Babalon = Kaos on the Zoharum label.
11. Perception Is the Only Reality – Throbbing Gristle – from The Third Mind Movements.
Om Sarasvati Namaha (Cosmic Version) – The Magic Carpathians – from Sonic Suicide.
12. fade out with a bit of the soundtrack from Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising by Bobby Beausoleil.

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