Beyond the Peak of Normal

0 = 2 Change is Stability

Tonight’s episode of On the Way to the Peak of Normal is the second to last broadcast of the radio program. Tune in tonight on 88.3 FM, WAIF, Cincinnati. January 23rd, 10PM to Midnight.

The final episode will be broadcast on January 30th, 2013.

There are natural lifespans for any creative project or endeavor, and after 15 years of hyper Radio Activity, I’m moving Beyond the Peak of Normal, to focus with more devotion on my other artistic passions in the areas of writing, literature and publishing.

I didn’t reach this decision overnight, and there has been a good deal of heartwrenching and soulsearching over the question of “do I continue to dedicate my time and energy resources to the medium of radio?” It’s a medium I love, but I have reached the peak of what I can do with it and what it can do for me and the community without putting further efforts and resources into the show. Those are the resources and efforts which I have to put into other areas of my life. For so long I thought I could do it all. Now I’ve reached a point where both my writing path and my radio path will stay on about the same level as each other unless I divert one stream into the other. It is written in the Gospel of Thomas that ““If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” I have brought forth many things on the air that I was compelled to do. I have been equally compelled in the area of the written word, but those words have not have had the energy to move out of me. Now they will.

I feel the Fates were at work in forcing my hand. I’ve been thinking about ending the show since around September of 2013. A number of synchronicities occurred which caused me to pause and reflect. To start with, I ran into someone whose radio work I highly respect unexpectedly at a place I never see him and he told me of his own decision to leave the station. I had been thinking of that myself as I left work towards the bust stop only to find him walking with his daughter and offer me a ride. Then, I ordered a La Monte Young CD through interlibrary loan to play on the show. The double disc album, arrived and when I popped the first disc out it snapped in half. This ended up costing me 120 dollars as the library who owned it would not waive their damage fee. This was followed by the crashing of my computer (hence the lack of podcasts since December, and an issue I’m still working) and the losing of 1000+ songs. Sure, tough shit. Stuff like this happens. But I took them as signs that it was time for me to move on.

After I rest and recuperate from my 15 odd years doing of shows like the Psychedelicatessin -my fist show on the pirate station Anti-Watt at Antioch (1999), and Art Damage (2001-2003 were my years on the show) and On the Way to the Peak of Normal (2004-January 2014) I may go back and digitize some of the tapes and upload some of those early shows before I started podcasting to, which I will still keep up. But I do need a break from the rigors of podcasting for a time.

Until then I’d like to thank everyone who has stood by me on the journey. First to all the listeners without whom no show would be worth doing, and to all my guests who kept things interesting when I didn’t have a direction or something to say, and to the bands and musicians who people who came in to play live over the airwaves. You are to numerous to name. In particular I want to thank the following people who shared or contributed in some way to my radio journey: Ben Hoffman, Jesse Dew, Uncle Dan, Douglas Cannon, Ron Orovitz, Jeremy Lesniak, Andrew Hissett, Craig Kelley, Joe Walkenhorst, Brian “Thriftstore Leather” Riley, Elliott “the Turnip ” Beal, my parents and family, and my wife Audriel.

If you can’t tune in live, as soon as my primary computer is back in complete working order, I will be podcasting the final shows I did from December and January.

Thanks for tuning in.

Justin Patrick

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A Coil Collection

Jon Whitney of has uploaded about 23 Coil videos to youtube. He writes, “Peter and I were working on them and were going to include them as enhanced content on the reissues. He hated YouTube at the time of his passing because the video quality was still pretty bad. Fortunately it has improved. I hope you enjoy.”

Thanks so much for putting these up Jon!


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On the evening of December 12, 2013 Sarah joined me to present some music from her collection on the program.

1. I Hear A New World – Joe Meek
2.  Music Three For Bowed Strings -Stephen Scott- from Music Three For Bowed Strings
3. Calling the Rain -Rapoon
4. Like a Black Riverbed -Joey Oz and Hannes Giger- from Auditus
5. Response -The Magic Carpathians- from Water Dreams
6. Aposiopesis -Akira Rabelais-  from Eisoptrophobia
7. In the Air I -Tim Hecker- from Ravedeath, 1976
8. 1st to 3rd Instar -Andrew Liles -from The Progeny of Flies
9. Morontia Life -Karlheinz Stockhausen remixed by Matthew Ostrowski
10. Inkling -Coil- from Stolen & Contaminated Songs
11.  Welcome to Windows -Jim of Seattle
12. Where are the Bounds -Volcano the Bear
13. Faeries -Lichens- from Omns
14. Tsa: The Hunting Cry of the Stars -Nick Carter
15. Vessel -Calder- from Lower
16. Markus Reuter
17. Prelude in C# Minor -Rachmaninof- Les Baxter
18. Strangers In the Night -Perry & Kingsley
19.  Emile Zola -Deep Freeze Mice

Background Music:  A Dreamers Christmas, John Zorn

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ThanXGiving with Justin & Audrey

My dear wife Audriel joined me on the radio after a big Thanksgiving feast.

1. I Hear  a New World – Joe Meek
2. By This River -Brian Eno- from Before and After Science
3. fur Hildegard von Bingen -Davendra Banhart- from Mala
4. Cinnabar -ISAN- from Plans Drawn In Pencil
5. Saltskin -Purity Ring- from Shrines
6. Angel -Gultskra Artikler-from Galaktika
7. The More It Changes -Legendary Pink Dots- from The Golden Age
8. Sunshine -Smoke Fairies- from Ghost
9. Little Girl (In The Pines) -Tiny Tim- from Lost & Found 1963-1974
10. Last Dance -Mekons- from Heaven & Hell
11. North Star Ordination – The Appleseed Cast- from Illumination Ritual
12.  If I Am -My Bloody Valentine- from m b v
13. here she comes -Slow Dive- from Soulvaki Station
14. K56 -Cranes- from Particles & Waves
15. I Wear Your Ring -Cocteau Twins- from Heaven or Las Vegas
16. Love Letter -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- from No More Shall We Part
17. Everything Is Broken -Bob Dylan -from Blues
18. Long Black Veil -Johnny Cash- from Unearthed
19. The Shepherd of the Downs -Peter Bellamy- from Both Sides Then
20. In This Heart -Sinead O’Connor- from Universal Mother
21. Wild Is The Wind -Nina Simone
22. Winter Is Blue -Vashti Bunyan- from Anthems In Eden
23. Counting Up Your Bones -Nina Nastasia- from On Leaving
24.  Over the Hills and Far Away -Shirley Collins- from The Power of the True Love Knot
25. Sattelite of Love -Lou Reed- from Live
26. Fistful of Love -Antony & The Johnsons -from I Am A Bird Now
27. Talk Normal -Laurie Anderson- from Home of the Brave

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No vember No Wave

Betsy Young of Aurore Press joined me in the studio on No Vember 21st to conduct a New York No Wave show. The 22nd is Chuck’s birthday and also the anniversary of JFK’s tragic assassination. Besty had previously joined me on the air about 14 months ago when we interviewed Alice Bag, which was awesome. At the end of the show Betsy gives a sneak preview for the next Aurore Press project.

2. 3E -Mars-from NY No Wave
3. 11,000 Volts -Mars- from  NY No Wave
4. Red Alert -Teenage Jesus and the Jerks- from Atavistic
5 Burning Rubber -Teenage Jesus and the Jerks- from Atavistic
6. Freud In Flop -Teenage Jesus and the Jerks- from Atavistic
7. Babydoll -Teenage Jesus and the Jerks- from Atavistic
8. Pini / Pini -Arto/Neto -from NY No Wave
9. Malu -Arto/Neto -from NY No Wave
10. Contort Yourself -James White and the Blacks  -from Off White
11. Almost Black Pt. 1 -James White and the Blacks -from Off White
12. Christmas With Satan -James White and the Blacks -from Off White
13.  What the World Needs Now Is Love -Tom Clay
14. Try Me -Beirut Slump- from Hysterie
15. Blonde Red Head -DNA
16. Diddy Wah Diddy -8 Eyed Spy -from Hysterie
17. Lazy In Love -8 Eyed Spy- from Hysterie
18. Rosa Vertov -Rosa Yemen  -from NY No Wave
19. Gloomy Sunday -Lydia Lunch- from Queen of Siam
20. Atomic Bongos -Lydia Lunch- from Queen of Siam
21. No Pain for Cakes -The Lounge Lizards- from No Pain for Cakes
22. My Clown’s on Fire -The Lounge Lizards- from No Pain for Cakes
23. Mister Ray -Suicide- from New Raceion
24. Radiation -Suicide- from New Raceion
25. Christ Dice -Alan Vega -from New Raceion
26. Death Valley 69 -Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch- Post-Punk Chronicles

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Electrophonic Transistor Squawk

On the evening of November 14th sound designer Erik T. Lawson joined me in the studio for a shared listening session. We celebrated the memory of Delia Derbyshire and the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who… but mostly played the music we’re both so fond of.

1. I Hear A New World -Joe Meek / fade into On the Way to the Peak of Normal -Holger Czukay
2. Doctor Who Theme 1963 -composed by Ron Grainer, realized by Delia Derbyshire
3. John Peel‘s Voice -Delia Derbyshire
4. Mental Radio -Matmos- from The Marriage of True Minds
5. Ostalgie -Beehatch- from Brood
6. Rolling Upon My Day -Dome- from self-titled album
7. Threats of Stark Reality -Morte Macabre- from Symphonic Holocaust
8. Premonition -Phil Kline- from Glow In the Dark
9. Nightscapes III -Nocturnal Emissions- from Nightscapes
10. excerpt from side b of The Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums -Nurse With Wound
11. Coolicon -Carter Tutti
12. excerpt from Salicebury Cocktail -Luc Ferrrari- from Son Memorise
13. Bloody Two Writsts -The Halfler Trio, Colin Potter, Andrew Liles- from 3 Eggs
14. Mute Moon -Zoviet France- from Just An Illusion
15. Chearth -Caroline K- from Now Wait for Last Year
16. Slangy Policies -The Pump
17.  Knee 1 -Philip Glass / Robert Wilson -from Einstein on the Beach
18. Shri Camel outro from Terry Riley

Background music for the show was by Brian Eno from Lux.


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Waters of the West Gate

Part IV in a series exploring the IV classical elements.

Water: West : Autumn : Dusk

2. Suka Mereen (Comb in the Sea) -The Karelian Folk Music Ensemble- from Ingrian Folk Songs
3. Jag ar en skargardsflicka -Lena Larsson, Gullo, Ytterby, Bohuslan- from Sjomansvisor & Rallarvisor (Songs of Sailors & Navies)
4.  Dark Waters -Ingram Marshall- from Dark Waters
5. Oh How The Boat Drifts -Mum- from Summer Make Good
6. Wave -Patti Smith Group- from Wave
7. River With No Willows -John Luther Adams- from Earth and the Great Weather: A Sonic Geography of the Arctic
8. The Fury of Rainstorms -Eric Chaslow- from Over the Edge
9. Still Raining, Still Dreaming -Arthur Levering- from Still Raining, Still Dreaming : Dinosaur Annex Ensemble
10. I Hear the Water Dreaming -Toru Takemitsu- from A String Around Autumn : Sharon Bezaly flute, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Tadaaki Otaka, conductor.
11. The Sea Priestess -Coil- from Astral Disasters
12. Water on the Hill -The Magic Carpathians Project- from Euscorpius Carpathicus
13 Just as the Tide Was a Flowing -Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band -from No Roses
14. Sound Carvings from the Waters Edge -Piers Hellawell- from Sound Carvings

Background Music for this episode came from Salt Marie Celeste by Nurse With Wound.

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Hallow’een Ascending

My dear wife Audrey joined me in the studio alongside, Douglas and our friends Max and Sasha after handing out candy to trick or treaters. We proceeded to tell some stories around the transmitter.

1. I Hear A New World -Joe Meek
2. The Girl In The Bloody Dress -King Diamond- from Give Me Your Soul Please
3. Black Sabbath -Black Sabbath- from Black Sabbath
4. Mansfield Prison Story -read by Douglas Cannon
5. Ixaxaar -Lustmord- from The Monstrous Soul
6. Family Tree -BoonDox- from South of Hell
7.  The Werewolves of Detroit by Charles M. Skinner -read by Max Kruger
8. Teenage Brain Surgeon -Spike Jones In Stereo- from A Spooktacular In Screaming Sound
9. The Munsters Theme (with Lyrics) -from At Home With the Munsters
10. Horror House -Psychic TV- from Towards the Infinite Beat
11.  The Crime of the Black Swamp by Charles M. Skinner-read by Audrey Cobb
12. Habits Cafe -read by Douglas Cannon
13. Storm Walker w/ sound effects -Roberta Simpson Brown
14. Hellsville & Helloween -Legendary Pink Dots – from The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse
15. Twa Corbies - sing-say version by Justin Patrick Moore
16. A Letter from Prison to His Wife -The Marquis De Sade- read by Patrick Magee
17. Zomby Woof -Frank Zappa- from Overnite Sensation
18. Twa Corbies -Steeleye Span
19. track 16 from Face the Wound -Z’ev
20. The Nain Rouge by Charles M. Skinner -read by Justin Patrick Moore
21. Dead Mans Curve -read by Douglas Cannon

Severe weather alerts broke into the transmission -but these were edited out of the podcast version as they overrode the soundboard and recording set up. Originally broadcast on October 31st, 2013.

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Approaching Samhain

Getting into the spirits of Hallow’een.
2. Haunted America -Jerome Kitzke- performed by Present Music- from Haunted America
3. Memorial Cairns -Piers Hellawell- from Sound Carvings
4. Angelystor (excerpt) -Phil Legard
5. Aetheric Vehicle -Matmos- from The Marriage of True Minds
6. Baba Yaga (Hut on Fowls Legs) -Moussorgsky / Tomita- from Pictures At An Exhibition
7.  Face the Wound (part 18 & 19) -Z’ev- from Face the Wound
8. We’ll Witness the Resurrection of Dead Butterflies (Three Moons) -Cyclobe- from Wounded Galaxies Tap At the Window
9.  The Bishop and the Pagan -Veljo Tormis- Estonian Philharmonic Chor, Paull Hillier director, -from Baltic Runes
10. Far Off Ships That Sail Upon The Sea -Blacklight Braille- from Sailing Away
11. Black Rain -Chivalrous Dogs- from Dark Deities
12. Go Long -Joanna Newsom- from Have One On Me

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Igne Nitrum Roris Invenitor

By Regeneration Nature Maintains the Integrity of Fire

1. I Hear A New World -Joe Meek / On the Way to the Peak of Normal -Holger Czukay
2. Ignis Natura Renovata Integra -Justin Patrick Moore- from an album in progress (working title, Mutatis Mutandis)
3.  Impromptu Entropy Machine -Shelly Knotts
4. The Ballad of Ron and Popo – The Legendary Pink Dots- from Chemical Playschool 8 & 9
5. Woke Up In A Fairy Ring -Mystery-Saint -from The Night Time EP
6.  M.Y.C. -Meat Beat Manifesto- from Answers Come In Dreams
7. The Taos Spirit House -Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens- from The Holy Dogs of Other Days
8. Godspeed -Harry Selassie- from Inner Space EP
9. Somnium -DJ Spooky -from Of Water and Ice
10. Seven Woven Seams -AnimA Motrix
11. Eleggua -Dr. John- from Locked Down
12.  The Seal (Eleketo for Agayu) -Steve Coleman & The Mystic Rhythm Society- from The Sign and The Seal
13. Noisy Flowers -Henry Threadgill- from Makin’ A Move  [Bill Laswell produced]
14. The Nature of Solitude -Jeffrey Rodren- from Seeds of Happiness
15. Departure -Loren Mazzacane Connors- from New York Guitars
16. As Strange As A Ballad -Gianluig Trovesi Ottetto- from Fugace
17. I’ll Never Be The Same -Sun Ra Arkestra – from Mayan Temples

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